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We serve more than 3000 customers in 44 countries by providing world class Feedback Management and Guest Intelligence!


Who We Are

  • KePSLA works with hotels and the hospitality industry to provide guest feedback solutions, social listening tools, deep guest analytics & competition watch.

  • Our solutions helps our customers to better understand their guests and thus hyper personalize the product and services.

  • We guarantee ROI on our solution within 60 days of installation and a noticeable positive impact on your bottom line.


Why work with KePSLA?

Our solutions cover the entire spectrum of the traveler journey from creating inspiration, helping in research, improving the booking process, enhancing travel experiences & influencing advocacy. Our solutions help hotels do the following:

  • Improve direct bookings on your brand website.

  • Understand Guest Sentiments in real time.

  • Grow loyalty!

  • Get higher ranking on online travel platforms.


Corsendonk Hotels & Resorts

Corsendank Hotels

Corsendonk Hotels.


Chaithanya Gowda | Reliance Jio

When Reliance Jio was building its hotel vertical for its super app "MyJio", we looked at a variety of service providers who could give us large amounts of hotel data that could help us optimize our booking. We found that KePSLA’s Search Intelligence feature was the best of the lot and quite ahead of its time.

KePSLA gives us a variety of hotel data for 40,000+ hotels In our next phase we plan to implement their innovation on smart images, intelligent videos and contextual text.


Mr.Pankaj Gupta |
DGM Marketing at MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts

Since we are a leisure destination, our peak period is limited. We must ensure that we optimize this period well. KePSLA Hotel Management Software helps us to track every review across all languages and reply to them. We are confident that we have answered all customer complaints and compliments with care, due to their product.

An-Sofie Nédée | Corsendonk Hotels & Resorts

As a chain with multiple properties & multiple locations, we have a challenge at the head office to get a single dashboard view of our customer sentiment. KePSLA solves this for us. Our colleagues in the various locations can also immediately reply to reviews spread over different booking and review sites, which saves them a lot of time.


LEVA Hotel, Mazaya Centre, Dubai

KePSLA has been able to solve one of our biggest challenges when it comes to replying to guest reviews. For our business, it is of paramount importance to ensure 100% guest satisfaction. We believe that we should be replying to all guest reviews, be it positive or negative within our internally acceptable KRAs.


KePSLA has done a seamless integration of its engine with all our OTA extranets which helps us use a single screen to complete all replies. We look forward to working with KePSLA and are looking to see the multiple other innovations that they are bringing into this product.

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