Travel Search Intelligence

Research states that 80% of travelers abandon their online travel shopping midway. For most people, it is the exhaustive search and the lack of experiences aligned to their need, that drives them away.

KePSLA's technology bridges this gap in the industry. We power our clients with Predictive Intelligence that lets them custom create the experience from ‘Visual Display to the Room Offering’, all matching the traveler’s requirements.

Explore our integrated Travel Search Intelligence platform that drives and simplifies the booking journey.

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Booking Experience

With our Smart travel analytics, our clients can identify the stage at which the traveler is inspired for travel, researching, purchasing, experiencing or advocating the experience. Our solution can also decode the traveler type into various segments for example, single male, single female, couple, friends, physically challenged, pet friendly and more.

Using our Travel Search Intelligence solution, travel aggregators can also identify the reason for the travel and be prepared to create and offer experiences that match the need from those seeking adventure to history, beach/sun/surf, city breaks, art, special interest, cuisine and any other variation of these.

Take a look at these case studies to see how effective our product is.

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