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Service Enhancement System

KePSLA's Service Enhancement System (SES) is designed to streamline and organize the process of handling various types of tickets or requests within the hotel's operations. It helps centralize ticket submission, assignment, tracking, and resolution, improving efficiency, communication, and guest satisfaction.

Ticket Submission


The ticket management system provides a user-friendly interface for staff members to submit tickets. Guests' concerns can be converted into tickets at the front desk. Staff members can also create tickets on behalf of guests when required.

Ticket Categorization


The system allows tickets to be categorized based on the nature of the request. Categorization helps in routing tickets to the appropriate departments or staff members for quick and efficient resolution.

Ticket Assignment


Upon ticket submission, the system automatically assigns tickets to the appropriate staff member or department based on predefined rules or manual assignment. Assignments can be based on factors such as workload, expertise, availability, or priority level. Assignees receive notifications about new ticket assignments.

Ticket Tracking and Status Updates


The system enables real-time tracking of ticket statuses and progress. Each ticket has a designated status, such as Open, In Progress, Pending, or Resolved, which is updated as the ticket moves through different stages. Staff members can provide status updates and notes within the system to keep everyone informed.

Communication and Collaboration


The ticket management system facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among staff members involved in ticket resolution. It provides internal messaging or commenting features to allow staff members to communicate, share updates, seek assistance, or provide additional information. Communication with guests may also be facilitated through the system to keep them informed about ticket progress.

Priority and SLA Management


The system incorporates priority levels for tickets to ensure that urgent or high-priority requests receive prompt attention. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be defined, specifying the expected response and resolution times for different types of tickets. This helps prioritize tasks and meet guest expectations.

Escalation and Notifications

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In cases where tickets are not resolved within defined SLAs or require further attention, the system allows for ticket escalation. This triggers notifications to supervisors, managers, or higher-level support staff, ensuring timely intervention and resolution. Notifications can be sent via email, SMS, or in-app notifications.

Reporting and Analytics


The ticket management system generates reports and analytics to provide insights into ticket volume, response times, resolution rates, and other key metrics. This helps hotel management identify trends, evaluate performance, and make data-driven decisions for process improvement and resource allocation.

Benefits of SES


Efficient Resource Allocation


Accountability and Audit Trail


Scalability and Flexibility


Cost and Time Savings


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Improved Efficiency


Enhanced Guest Satisfaction


Better Communication and Collaboration


Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

If you are interested in understanding how our Service Enhancement Solution  works in a more detailed and personalised manner, please click the button to contact us and book a demo.

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