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Case Studies

Changing the Game

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to build a platform for hotels to learn and succeed. Our incredible team have worked tirelessly to create a software that is accessible for hoteliers to understand the trends of the hotel reputation and how to navigate through it. Our software have yielded some great results for these hoteliers. We have created this section to show how our software have driven success to our clients.

Case Studies: Files

KePSLA Discovery Series:
Analysis and tracking the experience of a guest.


  • The team found it time consuming to log into each individual extranet page, search, read, understand and reply to all the reviews, while maintaining quality of replies.

  • An Average employee spent 4 manhours per day to reply to all reviews across the sources.


  • Reply to reviews grew from 15% to 37% approx. in a span of 12 months, thus improving OTA ratings.

  • An employee saved an average of 3 hours per day in this task.

  • As the count of Reply to Review increased, the count of negative reviews decreased.

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